Carme Pinos to design the next MPavilion



Architect, humanist and industry leader, Carme Pinós will design the next MPavilion in Melbourne. She is also appearing at the Living Cities Forum on the 26th of July 2018.

Carme Pinós will design the next MPavilion.

When people describe Carme Pinós, they use adjectives such as empathy, understanding and generosity. Emotive descriptors that try capture her humanist approach to designing space. The Spanish architect firmly believes that better design can genuinely improve the lives of those who live in cities. For her, this applies not only to architecture but also to urban design and city planning.

Pinós will bring this humanist approach to the fifth iteration of the MPavilion; the temporary architecture pavilion commissioned annually by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation with the support from City of Melbourne and the Victorian Government. Pinós will follow the designs of OMA (2017), Bijoy Jain of Studio Mumbai (2016), AL_A (2015), and Sean Godsell (2014). Each pavilion is initially installed in Queens Victoria Gardens from October to February, before being gifted to a permanent home. 2017’s MPavilion will be relocated to Monash University in Clayton. Importantly, each pavilion must be able to accommodate large audiences, as the temporary installations are accompanied by extensive programming of events, talks, music performances and workshops.

Pinós is an award-winning architect and educator based in Barcelona, Spain. She is highly respected for her work with Estudio Carme Pinós, which she founded in 1991, as well as her previous work with husband and collaborator Enric Miralles. She has been a guest lecturer at Columbia University, Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, Architecture Schools of Paris and IUAV of Venice. To highlight a few awards, Pinós won the ARVHA (Association for Research on the City and Habitat)’s International Prize for female architects in 2017, and Berkeley-Rupp Architecture Professorship and Prize, 2016, for her efforts in the advancement of women in architecture.

Estudio Carme Pinos’ Caixaforum Cultural Centre. Photo by Turol Jones.
Pinós’ work is notable for embracing a wide range of project types, from social housing and public buildings to educational institutions, office towers, cultural buildings and sports centers. However, of all these project types is the design of public housing blocks in Spain and France that have captured world attention. She has designed six major housing blocks in recent years, including housing blocks for the elderly. Pinós sees her impact on the physical environment as a motivating challenge and a responsibility.

Campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Department 4 by Carme Pinos. Photo by Peter Haas.

Formally the work of Estudio, Carme Pinós architecture frequently features intersecting and overlapping angular shapes, often parallelepipeds, bringing together concrete, steel and wood in ways that are both dynamic and warm. For the iconic Caxiaforum Cultural Centre in Zaragoza, Spain, the studio imagined a city within a building. The design takes visitors on a journey through semi-underground gardens, exhibition halls and purpose-built relaxation areas. “Thanks to its unique and feasible structure, our building appears as a sculptural element amidst the park,” describes Estudio Carme Pinós to Archdaily.

We can only hope for something similar at MPavilion. Pinós describes her take on the process to Wallpaper: “It is a great responsibility to create a unique place in this special park with views over Melbourne.” “I am inspired by the fact that this new project will become a cultural destination for the city.”

AL_A’s 2015 MPavilion. Photo by Rob Deutscher.

THE 2017 MPavilion by OMA’s Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten. Photo by Rob Deutscher.

Pinós will appear at the Living Cities Forum, on the 26th of July 2018. The second annual forum, initiated by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation, will center on the theme ‘Shaping Society’. Other speakers include sociologist and urban thinker Saskia Sassen and Jane Hall from the London based practice Assemble. As with last year, the forum will be chaired by the architectural writer and publisher Andrew Mackenzie.

For more information about Living Cities, see here.

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