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50% Cloud in China’s Yunnan Province

Luo Xu and Cheng Chung Design’s 50% Cloud project is nothing short of a marvel. Earning its name from its resemblance to a cloud floating in the sky, the cavernous structure stands tall nestled amongst the greenery of the Yunnan Province. However, the project has been noted as being reminiscent of momentous termite mounds and bears a striking resemblance to the wondrous arches of Cathedral buildings.
50% Cloud
]Luo Xu and Cheng Chung Design (CCD)
Courtesy CCD

The design studio behind the project, Cheng Chung Design (CCD) explain that “the building looks like a mega art installation and half of a cloud that undulates in the sky… it features solid facades, curved contours and volumes set at staggering heights”. Built without any steel reinforcements or nails, the restaurant is an ode to the structural and sculptural magnificence of brick. The building is equal parts contemporary and classic, informed by the Art Deco era, whilst maintaining a modern refinement. Sculptural in its form, the building evokes light and shadow-play in a striking and unusual way. 

Inside the restaurant, the furniture is pared-back, neutral in colour and texture but classic in design. The simplistic furnishings allow attention to be dedicated to the artistic marvel, both of the pieces exhibited within the building and of the building itself. The restaurant doubles as an exhibition space, with sculptures standing prominently atop marble plinths beneath the light of the domes. Of this feature, CCD’s founder Joe Cheng says, “it was to be not only a restaurant but also an art space… it aims to serve as an exhibition hall for various cultures and arts… you can see original art throughout the entire space”. 

50% Cloud in China’s Yunnan Province

The interior feels remarkably grand in its scale, with sky-high ceilings and wide foyers. CCD’s intention was to use design to evoke the senses, claiming, “the overall interior design turns dining into fantastic multi-sensory experiences.” At the peak of the domes, there are circular skylights, allowing light to filter in, dappling off the bricks below and illuminating the space with natural incandescence. The contours and fluid-structure of the textured brick create a dome-like shape, evocative of religious places of worship. With this reminiscence to sacred spaces, despite the modernity of the building, there is an ambience of tradition and of heritage. 


There is something particularly ethereal about the project. The curved structures act as a cocoon, with grandiose doors in high arched entryways, firepits submerged in spherical tables and lush greenery winding its way from the outside in. The textural brick, surroundings and landscape architecture of this architectural marvel encourage the patrons to immerse themselves with the aspects of nature, with CCD stating, “guests can experience the change of light in every minute.” Dining at 50% Cloud is not simply a culinary experience, but rather a sensory one, intertwining taste, sight and touch to immerse guests in a serenely captivating way.

“Built without any steel reinforcements or nails, the restaurant is an ode to the structural and sculptural magnificence of brick”


“Built without any steel reinforcements or nails, the restaurant is an ode to the structural and sculptural magnificence of brick”

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