Pronto Panels: the perfect solution to blocking out noise

Brickworks’ Pronto Panel is not only durable and lightweight – it’s incredibly good at blocking out noise.

Noisy neighbours, the bugbear of many apartment dwellers, could be a thing of the past thanks to a lightweight wall-panel system from Brickworks.

Pronto Panels, a non-load-bearing panel system that can be used both internally and externally, is durable, easy to install, water resistant and non-combustible.

Importantly, the panels also have outstanding noise-dampening qualities, while Pronto meets stringent new National Construction Code (NCC) requirements.

Cathy Inglis, General Manager Innovation and Building Systems at Brickworks Building Products, says the unique design of Pronto Panels makes them ideal for use in multi-dwelling developments, such as apartment blocks.

“Pronto Panels far exceed the acoustic requirements of the NCC,” she says. “This means a reduced noise footprint, which is good news for future occupants.”

The National Construction Code is a uniform set of technical provisions for the design, construction and performance of buildings throughout Australia. The NCC is amended every three years.

Pronto Panels are fully tested and compliant with the NCC 2019 and come with a 15-year warranty from Brickworks.

“Pronto Panel is tested and certified non-combustible to AS 1530.1 and has recently received the CodeMark Certificate of Conformity to the NCC 2019,” says Inglis.

Its durable, lightweight and uncomplicated nature makes it suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

“Pronto Panel is a 60mm lightweight concrete panel that consists of a composite of lightweight aggregates bonded into a cementitious matrix,” explains Inglis.

“The panels are sheeted with a calcium silicate face board on each side and have tongue and groove edges for interlocking.”

Thanks to its clever design, the Pronto Panel has a wide range of applications including common walls, service walls, wet area walls and intertenancy walls.

“We have a range of Intertenancy Wall Systems for both timber and steel frames,” says Inglis.

Pronto Panels are also much stronger than other lightweight panelling systems on the market, with a high bending load capacity – when spanning over three metres, Pronto Panel has an ultimate design load of 0.79kPA.

In addition to its excellent acoustic and fire-resistant qualities, the Pronto Panel is also popular with builders because the interlocking system makes the panels easy and quick to install – slotted L angles at both the top and base of the panels mean that no mortar is required.

The panels have no reinforcement so they only require a single cut which does not produce sparks and the panels can be customised to any size on site.

“Because there is no reinforcement, they are easily cut to any size and, as a result, there’s less waste,” says Inglis.

Pronto Panel has been tested at the CSIRO, University of Newcastle and other NATA accredited laboratories.

The manufacture, testing and installation procedure has been designed to Brickworks Building Products’ highest standards and has been accredited for compliance with the National Construction Code for CodeMark certification.

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