Austral Precast chosen for sculptural design of Oxley + Stirling Residences

Oxley + Sterling featuring Austral Precast Permaform panels. Photography by Black Bee Studio.

From balustrades to walls, precast panels are proving an easy solution for architects and builders – plus, they’re greener than you think.
Austral Precast concrete panels are usually chosen because of their cost-effectiveness, durability and adaptability, but this innovative building system also offers a number of environmental benefits.
In addition to fast-tracking your construction project and reducing on-site labour costs, precast concrete also cuts down on air pollution, noise and debris.
The high-quality finish of precast concrete means that it can be left untreated and exposed, which maximises concrete’s natural thermal mass benefits and helps to contribute to green energy-management solutions.

Oxley + Sterling featuring Austral Precast Permaform panels. Photography by Black Bee Studio.

As part of the manufacturing process, waste products such as fly ash, blast furnace slag, silica fume and recycle aggregates can be incorporated into precast concrete; this diverts materials from landfill and lessens the environmental impact.
Austral Precast, part of the Brickworks Building Products group, has a strong commitment to research and is constantly looking for ways to enable the construction industry to build faster, better and smarter.
Austral Precast concrete was therefore the obvious choice for architects Elenberg Fraser and the Aria Property Group for the 16-storey Oxley + Stirling Residences in Brisbane. The newly completed project incorporates 219 stylish apartments and more than 1,300 sq m of rooftop recreational facilities.

Oxley + Sterling featuring Austral Precast Permaform panels. Photography by Black Bee Studio.

Austral Precast solutions were chosen in order to realise the building’s distinctive sculptural design.
Builders are especially impressed by the speed of construction using Austral Precast on walls, floors, stairs, balconies, balustrades, columns and beams. “It’s quick, very quick,” says Perth builder Rod Naef, noting the ease and speed of Austral Precast concrete compared to using conventional monolithic slabs which have to be poured on site.
Naef used Austral Precast concrete for the construction of the Vibe Apartments in East Perth and was delighted with the result. The new complex has 60 apartments, a gym, pool, two levels of parking, a rooftop garden, outdoor theatre and viewing deck.

Vibe Apartments featuring Austral Precast.

The Perth builder says that using Austral Deck on a project such as Vibe Apartments has a number of advantages over the time-consuming process of laying a slab in situ.
“With the Austral system we’d be back propping for a day, maybe a day-and-a-half, and the next day you’ve got a whole level covered.”
According to Austral Precast, an average of 10 Austral Deck planks – covering an area of 150 sq m – can be installed in about an hour, allowing other trades to get on with their work. “You’ve got a nice, clean, safe working deck straight away for everybody to start working on,” says Naef.

Vibe Apartments featuring Austral Precast solution.

Suitable for single- or multi-level structures, Austral Deck combines precast concrete panels with a cast in-situ topping to create a suspended concrete slab and is designed to be installed with Austral Precast Walling, Framework, Stairs and Balcony Solutions.
Panels can be designed and manufactured to suit a variety of building functions and occupancies, but lengths are generally limited to 12m and a standard 2.5m width for handling and transport purposes.
Whether you are a builder, engineer or architect, you will be impressed with Austral Precast’s solutions, which are comprehensive, easy to design, strong, safe and proven in the field.

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