New textures and colours your clients will love

Now, we’ve got even more textures and colours to meet your client’s changing tastes – and their bank balance.

As one of the country’s leading manufacturers of quality durable bricks, Brickworks’ undeniable point of difference is the depth of our ranges, both in terms of colour and texture.

We also realise how important it is to be continually looking at new trends in interiors and exteriors to ensure we meet consumers’ changing tastes.

Enter Emporium, a new range of sleek-lined contemporary greys in a slate finish, and fresh colours and textures in two existing ranges, La Paloma and San Selmo Reclaimed.

“From a marketing perspective, we introduced updated colours in different textures because those textural points form the basis of varying price points,” explains Paul Byrne, Brickworks’ Brand and Communications Manager Bricks and Roofing. “So now your clients can achieve similar looks at varying prices.”

The new colours extend Brickwork’s range for both commercial and residential builds, offering textures and options for a variety of uses.

Shades of grey

The Emporium range is designed with a textured lustre finish in a very contemporary rectangular shape, measuring 230mm x 110mm x 76mm. The three gray-scale colour options – Luxe, Couture and Chic – bring a rich, luxurious feel to any space and can also be used for design features.

Photo: Austral Bricks Emporium Chic and Luxe

“With its slate-style finish, the Emporium range definitely fills a gap in our color offering at that price point, and with the new textural finish, they look gorgeous,” Paul says.
We’ve added two new colours to the sophisticated La Paloma range, which is imported from Spain, extending the two current hues – Miro, a milky white, and Azul, a greyish black – to their extremes. The new Castellana is an icy white while the Romero is a rich coal black. Each brick is available in both 230mm x 110mm x 76mm and 290mm x 110mm x 50mm sizes, as well as in facings and corner units.

Photo: Austral Bricks La Paloma Castellana.

New tones

Both the Emporium range and the new La Paloma colours add to Brickwork’s already extensive monochromatic offerings.

“Monochrome colours have been very popular in residential and commercial builds over the past couple of years,” Paul says. “Both the Emporium and La Paloma ranges can create a really clean, crisp, almost industrial-style look suitable to a modern, contemporary style.”

However, Paul suggests that there has been a gradual move away from monochromatic colour combinations in the market recently towards more rustic finishes.

In response to this, Brickworks offers an alternative in the shape of the warm, earthy vibes of the San Selmo Reclaimed range, now with a Limewash finish. These kiln-fired clay bricks are manufactured in Italy and they resemble recycled red bricks, with soft edges and vintage character. They currently are available in solid 230mm x 110mm x 76mm, as well as facings and corner facing units.

“The limewash finish makes the red brick a lot paler, with unique variations and inconsistencies in each brick,” Paul says. “When applied to a full wall, it creates a mottled, rustic appearance.”

The San Selmo Reclaimed has been a popular choice for commercial builds, including shop fit-outs and breweries, as well as internal applications such as feature walls.

Back to the future

While these colour offerings are all available now, Paul adds that it’s important to check back constantly with the Brickworks range to see what new products, textures and sizes are becoming available.

“Our Brickworks brick brands – Austral Bricks, Bowral Bricks, Daniel Robertson, Nubrik – are constantly looking at industry and customer trends. We are always updating and improving our existing ranges in response to that.”

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