Better, stronger, faster: Build with confidence with Austral Precast

Wynyard Walk in Sydney used Austral Precast's Double Wall solution.

Precast concrete is helping architects and builder alike turn their most innovative ideas into reality, while shaving time and costs off even the most complicated builds.

Precast concrete is more popular than ever, and not just for commercial applications. It’s a material that can lend itself as easily to contemporary residential architecture as to large-scale commercial projects reliant on strength, versatility and long-lasting good looks. Precast concrete is now the most commonly used building material in the world.

Austral Precast, part of the Brickworks Building Products group, is Australia’s supplier of choice for a wide range of high-profile projects using precast concrete. Wynyard Walk in Sydney, for example, turned to Austral Precast to help create a state-of-the-art pedestrian link between Wynyard Station and Barangaroo, along with a towering multi-level atrium.

Legacy Way in Brisbane – a 4.6-kilometre tunnel with world-class safety systems – is another success story, as is Halo on Mount in Perth, a nine-level luxury apartment building. For this project, Austral Precast’s WA team engineered a unique façade of circular windows to showcase the Perth cityscape and create an ever-changing pattern of light and shade inside for the building’s occupants.

Austral Precast manufactures and installs concrete products in just about any imaginable shape and size, drawing on both technology and expertise to deliver high-performance results. Reinforcements in precast concrete are more consistent and accurate compared with in-situ construction, and mature precast concrete can be placed on site ensuring its strength and durability.

From walls, flooring, balconies and beams to stairways, decking, noise barriers and columns, if a client can dream it, Austral Precast has the know-how and experience to create it.

As part of one of Australia’s largest building product companies, Austral Precast is well resourced with specialist teams of experts in engineering, architecture, detailing and design. Three-dimensional BIM detailing technology is used in the design phase to pinpoint any potential construction issues, eliminating the unexpected costs and delays common in projects of every size.

Precast concrete reduces waste on site, simplifies the complexities that come with managing trades, and cuts construction time, so it’s little wonder engineers, developers, builders and architects are turning to this durable material as one they can count on. Once precast installation kicks off, on-site construction and off-site manufacturing can overlap – leading to significant time and cost savings.

Austral Precast’s Whole of Structure building solution takes the savings to a new level, reducing construction time by up to 35 per cent using Double Wall, a precast hollow wall design structure strengthened on site with premixed concrete, and Austral Deck, a precast composite floor system. The construction team working on the complicated Clarence Street Entrance for the Wynyard Walk project estimates the use of Double Wall shaved three to four weeks off the construction time of this portion of the project alone.

Part of ASX-listed company Brickworks, Austral Precast relies on impeccable quality standards and finely tuned systems to maintain its high levels of industry confidence. QR codes on panel labels, for example, allow products to be tracked from manufacture through to delivery on site. It is, quite simply, a better, faster, smarter way to build.

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