Bristile: A beautiful way to save

Photovoltaic energy was discovered over a century ago, yet its progress has been slow. New breakthroughs in technology, however, suggest we are about to move into a new age of solar power.

The sun is about 4.5 billion years old, whereas humans have been on earth for a mere 200,000 years. If the sun was one year old, our time on this planet would be the equivalent of the few minutes before midnight on December 31. Yet, in that time, we’ve become quite adept at expoiting the sun for our needs.

We’ve reimagined the sun as the birthplace of deities, while turning its solar energy into chemical energy to grow our crops. We’ve used its shadow to tell the time, while also using it for pre-GPS navigation. Right now, however, there is one fielf of research and innovation that threatens to eclipse all our previous use of the sun. That is, how to transform solar energy into a reliable and sustainable source of energy for our cars, homes, appliances, and even planes.

Our buildings are increasingly thought of as more than simply places to live, work, or play. They are becoming their own self-contained power plants. This is where a research and design team at Bristile Roofing have made a breakthrough in solar technology. As leaders in the Australian market for three quarters of a century, the Bristile Solar System marks a new generation of roofing product: a solar roof tile system that is adaptable to roofs of any size and has the potential to be self-sustaining.

The tiles work pretty much like many other solar panels in the market, with one key difference: they integrate seemlessly into the roofline of a building. The tiles capture solar energy, then pass it through an inverter to convert it into a form that can be used to power your home. By storing your own power and not returning power to the grid, you are in control of how much power you use, pay, and save.

The System comes with a range of inverters working across a range of power categories, as well as sonnen storage, one of the world’s leading intelligent energy storage systems that automatically adjusts to the energy usage of your home. Storage comes in sizes that range between four, six, eight, and ten kilowatt per hour capacity. There is also a smart monitory system that allows you to optimise your system to reduce grid energy reliance.

As for the tiles themselves, they are made from 45 Watt premium monocrystalline cells and low iron, hail resistant, tempered glass. Designs are available to suit your choice of one of two roof tile profiles, ceramic or concrete, including the Planum Ceramic Tiles or Prestigue Concrete Tiles.

The Bristile Solar System is a fully integrated energy management system that brings together hardware and software to allow your roof to power your home without impacting the look and character of your home and its architectural form.

As one of the sunniest countries in the world, Australia has a unique advantage in the race to harness the sun’s power. Isn’t it time you put your roof to work?

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