There are 3 main parts to the Brickworks business model:

  1. The Building Products Group
  2. The Land & Development Group, and
  3. Investments

The Building Products Group consists of the following brands – Austral Bricks, Austral Masonry, Austral Precast, Bristile Roofing, Auswest Timber, Bowral Bricks, Daniel Robertson, Nubrik and GB Masonry.

The Land and Development business exists to maximise the value of surplus land created by the Building products business.

Investments represent 43% interest in Washington H. Soul Pattinson and has provided a stabilizer to our often volatile Building Products earnings stream.

The Brickworks structure means that we are better placed to ride out the lows of the cycles.

As a diversified business, Brickworks is less exposed to market volatility, thus enabling Brickworks to make long term strategic decisions rather than take a short term approach.